In brief...

Simone has moved into a shared house for the first time, with a pal from her university days. The reality is far from the grown-up, yet girly lifestyle she was imagining, as her housemates turn out to be Fujoshi ~ the ultimate female otakus!

In depth...

The name of this comic FujoFujo! is a play on the word Fujoshi which translates directly from the Japanese as Rotten Girl, a pun on Japanese kanji lettering. It specifically refers to the most extreme of female otaku: the terrifying Yaoi fangirls. It is an affectionate, if self-deprecating, term they refer to themselves with; i.e. they are fujoshi and PROUD! However, unspecifically, it has also come to represent female otaku in general and it is more in line with this looser definition that this webcomic flounces around, as only one of the housemates is a true fujoshi (she draws yaoi for a living); the others are more otaku in other fields, such as cosplay and videogaming.



The normal one. She is fresh out of university and on a new teacher training course. A good girl at heart (i.e. push-over), she is friendly, helpful and constantly seeks approval from others. Unfortunately, she got stuck with these guys, who proceed to exploit her mild nature and driver’s license.


The ultimate pinnacle of fujoshi ~ she is a yaoi manga-ka, always struggling with her deadlines as she tries to fit even more sparkles, flower petals and bukkake into her drawings. She prefers semes to ukes, but has no idea how to deal with men in real life, playing out scenes from her comics instead.


The cosplaying attention-whore and loli-tist. Exceedingly vain and bitchy, she remains Miss Popularity due to her bevy of risque and/or moe cosplays, propped up by her extravagant lolita wardrobe. When not debuting some ridiculous character from a series that hasn’t even been fansubbed yet, she runs a mail-order cosplay/lolita business.


The professional gamer. Foul-mouthed and vice-pursuant, she revels in Schadenfreude and considers it a personal mission to make people cry. She’s obsessed with rankings, achievement points, rare items and 100% completion rates. Rightfully so, as she’s frighteningly good, despite having a vagina.

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