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Simone has moved into a shared house for the first time, with a pal from her university days. The reality is far from the grown-up, yet girly lifestyle she was imagining, as her housemates turn out to be Fujoshi: the ultimate female otakus! Updating on Tuedays.


Season's Greetings

Apologies for not updating for the last couple of weeks, as you can imagine life goes a little crazy around Christmas, particularly now that I have a baby and all XD Back to normal service after the holidays!

posted by sonia_leong @ December 27th, 2014, 11:49 am  -  0 comments

FujoFujo on Smackjeeves!

Hello everyone! It's been a very long time since I was last making webcomics, but I think I have a valid excuse - I became a mum, so life has completely transformed.

I'm no stranger to smackjeeves, but it's been a while! My last comic was Aya.Takeo - - finished in 2010 and available to purchase in three full-colour printed volumes from Sweatdrop Studios -

Now, THIS new comic is actually something I started in 2011, but I had to stop due to life getting ridiculously busy, with a baby thrown in on top! But I would definitely like to pick it up again, so I will upload what I had done so far and on Tuesdays either weekly or fortnightly as I have the time.

I would also like to possibly draw another webcomic as well about being a mum... (ohohoho) but that's for another time!

Anyway. I hope you enjoy!

posted by sonia_leong @ February 6th, 2014, 4:28 pm  -  0 comments

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